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Thank you

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I would like to sincerely thank all my family, friend and exquisite customers for making us start the tailor shop. We would not be here if it were not for all of you.

A lot of people has helped without even realizing, sometimes you have helped by a mere conversation. I simply ask what do you think of this design, or that word, or this idea. Feed back that I get is help.

It has been 7 years all most 8 since we have started Besuited and here we are not, I still appreciate your feed backs, your patronage, your ideas.

Thank you for helping Besuited that was simply a website selling neckties to become a success and start its first made to measure tailor shop in Bahrain.

Besuited Tailor Opening

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The wait is finally over out first store in Bahrain.

We have officially opened and we are so happy to welcome you all

We now tailor suits that you will fall in love with.

We’ve got a big variety of fabrics with different color shapes and patterns.

Meet Collection Echo

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Collection echo are 6 ties with completely different designs and colors. Collection Echo have solids, cross stripes, horizontal stripes, knitted, and our personal favorite with the dots we call the DISCO PINK that looks a lot like a disco ball.

Meet collection iris

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Here it is, Iris collection is finally here
We’ve focused mostly on solid neckties this time, our names are inspired by what is around us. We had a pink tie for Cancer awareness, orange for halloween called pumpkin tie. Our favorite is Mountain Moss, looking at it reminds us of greens on top of a mountain, dark skies in winter.
Working on our next collection already, we are still not sure what it’ll be called it has to start with the letter “J” because after I Iris is J. should we call it Junior? noooo… help us out, please.

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