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The BeSuited Story

Skin that glows, guaranteed.

Humble beginnings are often the launch pad for great things, and I would like to add – simplicity can be highly sophisticated.

Back in 2013 we had a simple idea that seemed like an impossible long shot. We never could have guessed that this was going to be the launch of a rocket-like journey. My cousin Hisham and I were shopping for neckties, but we struggled to find good quality ties that were affordable.

As they say, “when life gives you lemons, order the lobster tail!” Hisham had an inspiration: Why not turn our little ‘problem’ into a big opportunity?

It started with only 20 neckties. We offered them at our workplace as a market tester, though we had our doubts at the start. When we sold out in under an hour, we knew we were onto something. We didn’t even have a name for our business yet, but we immediately began sourcing suppliers. Soon we were trading limited quantities.

It wasn’t too long before we agreed that we really needed a simple, sophisticated name that suited our business spirit. When we looked up a few synonyms for the word ‘dapper,’ we stumbled across ‘besuited.’We instantly felt a spark of positive energy. That’s the one!

Motivated and determined, we started selling our products on social media platforms like Instagram. We had success in street markets, like the legendary Block 338 market organized by Al Riwaq. It wasn’t long before single orders became bulk orders. Our first success was 30 red neckties for AXA insurance – and then things really took off. Before we knew it, we were growing exponentially.

By 2015, we had our first dedicated website, and it was a hustling, bustling frenzy of designing, producing, shooting photos, posting and selling. Our ‘long shot’ was now a solid reality.

Fast forward to 2020, and a new opportunity presented itself. I had always wanted to open a tailor shop, and it happened that the perfect small business became available at the perfect time. In 2021 I took full ownership of the business, and opened BeSuited Tailor on January 25th. My current aim is to expand internationally, and open in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in the very near future.

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